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My name is Palle Rud Christoffersen and I am born 1950. Already as a child, I was interested in sketching and painting. I trained as a house painter and later as a teacher.

As an adult I developed my great passion concerning all creative areas. For many years I mainly worked with oil paints, water colour, collage and ordinary pencil drawing. These have been my companions ever since and the interest in the mystery of the drawing is probably behind my interest in the graphic expression.
I started learning the graphic techniques at summer school at the School of Arts in Holbaek. We had a marvelous teacher, named Grethe Toft who was a pupil of Palle Nielsen and Soeren Hjort at the Graphic School in Copenhagen.
Grethe Toft had the craftsman like approach to the graphic methods and so the perfect approach for me. We worked with various techniques like etching and zincography. Later I worked with linocent and xero-lithography.
This was during the early 80's and since then I have continued working with the graphic methods.
In 1990 my great wish of having a printing press in my workshop was fulfilled and I use it for printing small works.
In 2003 I joined The Graphic workshop in Naestved and met new methods like photogravure and lithography.
Important exhibitions:
Significant works:
Illustrations for the book 'Green Growth Red Future', 1987
Illustrations for a children's book 'How Can Anyone Be So Happy?', 1992
Ceramic embellishment of house front

2012 - Member of  "Danske Grafikere"

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